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Not so innocent now are you Henna?

As summer months are now upon us and everyone starts jetting off on their summer holidays and visiting summer fayres, and the huge rise of “natural living” with many people looking for more and more ways to reduce the amount of chemicals they consume and apply to their hair and skin, it’s worth remembering the risks of so-called ‘Black Henna’ Temporary Tattoos and “Compound Henna” hair colour which can cause people to develop allergies to hair colorants and cause major damage both internally to your health and externally to your skin and hair.

Why We Have Really Toughened Up Our Skin Test Policy, What We Need To Do and Answering Some of The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Your safety is as important to us as the beauty of your hair.
As professional Stylists and Colourists, we take Health & Safety very seriously. We will not, under any circumstances knowingly put our clients or our own safety, the condition of your hair, or the business at risk. 
Additional to this, it is unfortunate that we live in a world where some people seem to be out for anything they can get. We have been subjected to a few cases where a person has maliciously tried to bring a claim against us, and it is only because we have followed the law, our insurance requirements and manufacturer’s instructions that the salon is still open today.

5 Minute Hair Styles

Holiday Hair style ideas or Morning rush saviours, whether you overslept or burnt your breakfast, or need the perfect style for relaxing round the pool, don’t make your hair a stress. We have some 5 minute hairstyles that are not only quick, but easy too. They’ll give you that perfect done, but undone, look. Top it off with a few of our Style Link favourites, and rest assured, it won’t be having a bad hair day that will make your mornings hectic or keep you in your hotel room too long.


The Ultimate Holiday Haircare Itinerary


6-8 Weeks Before you go – Book Your Appointments

There’s plenty of things to get excited about and organise before your summer holiday, don’t forget to plan your hair appointments in advance so you can get in on the days and times that suit you to avoid any cut backs and unnecessary damage to your hair.

Don’t forget we offer free consultation services if you would like to book in with your Stylist for a one-to-one, we can take all the stress off your shoulders and draw up your pre-and post-holiday plan for you.

Top Holiday Hair Care Tips

We all love a good holiday, whether it be sightseeing, taking in the local culture or simply doing absolutely nothing while soaking up the sun around the pool.

However, all that exposure to UV rays, sea salt and chlorine can really take its toll on your hair, pair this with warmer, more humid climes and hair remaining in its wet state longer than usual can be a recipe for disaster.

All is not lost though, looking after your hair while on holiday is much easier than you may think, and below we’ve included our best holiday hair care tips, tricks and advice on how to beat the breakage, frizz, colour fade and how not to go green in the pool!

Pink Like Shakira

Shakira joins a long list of celebs dabbling in this gorgeous cool pastel pink, this ever popular shade just isn’t going away. Every time we think we’ve seen the end of it, someone else pops up sporting the hue.

Like all the pastel colours, this pink must be applied to pre-lightened hair at palest yellow to achieve the best results. If there’s too much yellow left in the hair, the result will be more of a ‘salmon pink’, if the hair will only lift to orange, it won’t do much more than stay orange. For those of you with darker hair that struggles to lift or years of colour build up, pastels may be out of your reach for now, but if you still have your heart set on a pink, a ‘brighter’ neon shade or Jewel tone with a deeper hue is usually enough to cover it.

Colour Corrections - The Myths, facts, Fears & Truths

Colour Corrections – the myths, facts, fears and truths

Colour correction, a word that can strike fear into a young colourists heart.

Each day in the salon I hear more and more clients using words and terms once only reserved for experienced stylists, the Internet is a wonderful thing, but it's just as good at spreading false information as it is a resource of learning.

When a trainee hairdresser first encounters colour, it is obviously the basics that are taught first, fair enough, BUT, colour correction is often separated from ‘classic’ colour training and reserved for the advanced students studying their level 3.

Pastel Colours & Fashion Bright's - What It Really Takes

Pastel Colours & Fashion Bright's - What it Really Takes

From the pastel pinks to the creative ombre's showcasing all kinds of mermaid inspired colour combinations, pastels and brights have been around for a while now and this season, its all about GREY, all 50 shades of, from a slight silver to deep steel, violte hints to blue hues.

This trend isn't going away, and has transformed from a rather risky colour choice reserved for the extroverts among us, to a salon staple everyone wants a piece of.
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Not so innocent now are you Henna?
Why We Have Really Toughened Up Our Skin Test Policy, What We Need To Do and Answering Some of The Most Frequently Asked Questions.
5 Minute Hair Styles
The Ultimate Holiday Haircare Itinerary
Top Holiday Hair Care Tips


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