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The most important part of any salon service is keeping your hair healthy, replenished & in good condition, the easiest and one of the best ways to do this is by keeping to a regular treatment regime both at home & in salon. Whatever your hair concern, we have a treatment we can prescribe to you.
Carried Out by our 2nd Year Assistants & Graduate Stylists

Fast acting, immediate result treatments, ideal as a last minute add-on to any salon service.

*NEW* Miracle Morpher Correct It Ceremide
Targets brittle, porous hair for an added boost of strength.
NEW Miracle Morphers Correct It Ceramide fills porosity for increased strength. The treatment bonds with the weakest areas of the hair and holds the cuticles of the hair together. This leads to stronger hair, porosity is filled and the damage is fixed

*NEW* Miracle Morpher Kick Up Protein
 Targets limp, fine hair types that needs added structure
NEW Miracle Morphers Kick Up Protein add structure to hair, creating strong volume. The treatment injects protein into the hair and builds the inner structure by attaching itself to other proteins, leaving the hair with a mold-able shape and definition.

*NEW* Miracle Morpher Slim Down Lipids
Targets unruly, difficult to manage hair that needs to be tamed.
NEW Miracle Morphers Slim Down Lipids block humidity for reduced frizz. The lipids stay on the surface of the hair, sealing cuticles with a hydrophobic barrier. The lipids repel water making hair look slimmer and more control, plus it locks in inner moisture for longer!

Oil Wonders Strengthening Scalp Massage
Ideal For Weakened Hair
Known to heal the mind, body & soul through healing oiling techniques, Champi massage strengthens weak hair while invigorating the scalp. Strengthens fragile hair, Provides elasticity for ultimate anti-break resilience & an invigorating scalp massage inspired by the traditional Ayurveda Champi massage.
4X the Strength in 4 Minutes

Oil Wonders Deep Egyptian Cocooning Wrap
Ideal for Colour Treated Hair
Cleopatra's sectret indulgence - luxurious baths infused with oils that protected her hair & body against harsh dry climates. Restores vibrancy to colour treated hair for ultimate shine, nourishes porous hair for added conditioning & envelopes hair for instant softness.
75% Shine in 2 Minutes

Oil Wonders Smooth Amazonian Immersion
Ideal for Unruly Hair
For centuries, Amazonians have used the miraculous wonder of natural oils to compact the hair for mesmerising smoothness & shine. Compacts the hair fibres to tame unruly, rebellious hair, anti-volume for supreme slimming & smoothness & provides humidity resistant control that lasts.
72 Hours Frizz-Free Results in 3 Minutes

Silver Treatments.....15mins.....10.00
Indulge your hair with an intensive Cera-Repair in-salon BioService for incredible results. Available only in approved Biolage salons, Cera-Repair treatments cotain patented ceramide technology with a balance of conditioning and nourishing ingredients for an indulgent in-salon experience, to leave your hair feeling soft & healthier looking.

*NEW* Colour Bomb
Ideal for all hair types for a deep condition and gloss boost and to revive, intensify and “top-up” both natural and synthetic colour.
A refresher or colour gloss to keep your hair vibrant, intense, shiny and reflective between colour services; Neutralise or Enhance tone; rehydrate your hair with amazing gloss and vibrancy; Perfect colour maintenance!; A taster for the colour shy to add a temporary boost in tone and shine; A fashion colour “top up” without the need for a full toner

Diamond Shine Service
Ideal for all hair types in need of shine & colour revival
Intense shine & colour brilliance with Prizms.Plus Hypershine conditioning gloss

*NEW* SUGARshine Mega Gloss
Ideal for all hair types desiring intense natural shine
The ultimate step for dazzling shine, can be completely personalised to you, available with or without heat and can be used as a stand alone BioService or combined with any other Biolage in-salon treatment for a truly bespoke spa experience. 
Brilliant Shine Starts in the salon, to see the rest of the NEW SugarShine System you can use at home, Click Here

Biolage MOISTUREboost
Ideal for Dry, Corse, Damaged Hair
A professional ceramide enriched treatment for dry, stressed hair. It helps nourish dry, stressed strands to leave your hair feeling softer and shinier.

Biolage COLORboost
Ideal for Colour Treated, Bleached or Highlighted Hair
Professional, ceramide enriched treatment for colour treated hair. Conditions & helps colour treated, bleached or highlighted hair look more shiny with prolonged depth & tone.

Biolage Luxury SHINEboost
Ideal for Dull, Frizzy Hair
A step-by-step ritual blending all the products in our Exquisite Oil range, focusing on the warming of the deep replenishing treatment that will be applied hot to the hair with our exclusive brush. This ritual helps leave hair feeling weightlessly nourished and looking exquisitely shiny.

Biolage Advanced RENEWALboost
Ideal for Damaged, Chemically Treated Hair
Our restoring service is a step-by-step treatment using our new Keratindose Shampoo, Keratindose Conditioner and Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray with the Pro-Keratin Concentrate at the heart of the service. The complete service leaves hair feeling smoother, more conditioned & silky to the touch.

Biolage Advanced STRENGTHboost
Ideal for Weak, Fragile Hair
A step-by-step service using our new Fiberstrong Shampoo, Fiberstrong Masque and Intra-Cylane Fortifying Cream with the Intra-Cylane Concentrate at the heart of the treatment. The complete service helps to leave hair feeling reinforced & touchably soft.

Platinum Treatments.....45mins.....15.00

A rejuvenating hair bond treatment which repairs the hair fibres to reveal stronger hair for an overall healthier look and feel.
A gorgeous stand-alone in-salon treatment which can be added to any cutting & styling service or used as a strength building preperation routine before a big colour change.

BTX Hair
Idealfor All Hair Types & Colours
Add-on to any Service which already includes a professional Blow Dry £15.00
Stand Alone Service including a professional Blow Dry £25.00
Discover BTX Hair, the NEW ultimate Anti-Aging hair saviour treatment that will rejuvenate, repair, replenish & restore your locks back to pristine condition in one single 45min treatment
For years cosmetic treatments have allowed us to turn the clock back on our skin, but never on our hair. Until now…
Meet hairs newest saviour – BTX Hair from Revolution Hair Concepts. BTX Hair works to rejuvenate your tresses and restore that youthful look.
Harnessing a powerful blend of caviar oil, collagen and vitamins B and E, the innovative in-salon service is suitable for all hair types, and uses heat infusion to nourish the cuticle, repair slit ends and deliver luminous shine for up to six washes.
The results? Beautifully conditioned, envy-inducing locks.
Have a watch of the video below and see the results for yourself.
Please Note: Since the BTX Hair treatment uses heat infusion to deliver its fantastic results, and to ensure you get the longevity out of the service, the treatment must be paired with a styling service including using the straightening irons. For this reason, as well as adding this treatment to any service which already includes a professional blow dry for £15.00, we are also offering this service as a stand alone treatment which includes a professional blow dry for £25.00.
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