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Salon Opening Hours Customer Survey

You might remember way back in 2015 when we carried out our opening hours customer survey to find out from YOU what would be the most convenient times for us to offer appointments. 

We can’t thank everyone enough for the wealth of feedback we received, and as a result, the votes were in and last year we set in stone our new salon opening hours which launched back in March.

Now we are asking for your feedback once again and this time asking; should we open on Mondays?

Long term clients will remember we always used to open on Mondays, and still do when the need arises, but with the salon becoming much busier and more Senior Stylists to offer appointments, Mondays are called into question again and we want to know if Monday appointments are something you would like to see become a permanent fixture.

We would massively appreciate if you could spare two minutes of your time and let us know what you think, a big thank you in advance!

Should We Open On Mondays?
Would the salon opening on Mondays make booking an appointment easier for you?
How likely is it that you would visit the salon on a Monday?
Highly Likely
Highly Unlikely
If you were to visit the salon on a Monday, which time(s) of day would you most likely want to book your appointment?
Morning (8am-11am)
Early Afternoon (11am-2pm)
Late Afternoon (2pm-5pm)
Evening (5pm-8pm)
Just a little info about you and your salon visits.
How often do you usually visit the salon?
Every Week
Every 2-3 Weeks
Every 4-6 Weeks
Every 7-11 Weeks
Every 12 Weeks or Less
Which day(s) of the week do you prefer to visit?
Which services do you usually receive?
Blow Dry Bar
Cutting & Styling
Express Services
Classic Colouring
Fashion & Bespoke Colouring
Colour Collections
Colour Corrections
Which age group best describes you?
We love getting feedback from our guests, please feel fee to add any suggestions or comments about our appointment availability and opening hours here.

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