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A selection of services specially designed for our male clientele, from classic cuts to fashion colours, its all on offer. The following services are our most popular amongst our guys.

The Gents Clipper Cut & Style.....30mins.....Senior Stylist 15.00
The Gents Cut & Style.....30mins.....Salon Stylist 20.00../..Senior Stylist 25.00
The full works for the Guys. We don't believe in treating all our clients the same & sending everyone out with the same short-back-and-sides. You'll get a full Consultation with your Stylist, Bespoke Shampoo & Conditioning service, all the styling & finishing products you need, & of course we always personalise & texturize each individual hair cut to suit. We even get your eyebrows, ears & neckline sorted out while you're here so you go out looking truly smart.

The Once All Over.....5.00
Sometimes all you need is something simple and this is exactly that. If all you are after is one guard all over, this is it. We'll get it all good & neat for you & tidy up your neckline of course - definitely easier than doing it yourself!

The Blend Me In.....15.00
Ok, so not all Guys like to talk about getting their hair coloured, but most aren't too happy to see those grey hairs creeping in either. If you aren't quite ready to become a silver fox jet, here's the solution; out Blend Me In service offers you a natural looking alternative. Our colours are ammonia free (so no nasty smell), it takes us a few mins to apply and only needs 10-20mins to develop (so you aren't sitting in the salon for hours) and we can choose a colour as close to your natural colour as possible so you don't go out looking like a 'Just for Men' advert! An ideal service to blend in those first signs of grey, get in early enough & we promise your mates won't even notice!

Flash, Frost or Shoeshine.....Salon Stylist 10.00.....Senior Stylist 15.00
If you are a little more adventurous about colour, we can create you something with our quick gents colouring services. A splash of colour can really make a good haircut, and we aren't talking about that horrible 'cap'! 

If there's something that you fancy but can't see it here, please remember we are a true unisex salon, all services on our menu are available to both guys & girls, so if you're after a more coverage colour or have longer hair & need a full cut & style, let us know & we can get it arranged.

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