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Food and Drink Policy

As a Colour Specialist salon, we usually have a lot of chemicals on the go at once. Eating food in the salon is not advisable, especially if you are receiving a colour service.

Some clients may have severe food allergies, or food preferences which should not be ignored (a vegan may not appreciate someone scoffing a Burger King in the next styling station, and some people may be left gagging if someone decides to whip out their tuna or egg mayo sarnie - a little consideration goes a long way!).

Additionally, it is not very pleasant for other clients and staff when someone brings strong smelling food into the salon. Please remember that the salon is not a café, the styling stations are for products and equipment, and we do not have the facilities, training or insurance to handle food.

To ensure all our customers have a pleasant experience, we ask our clients to restrain themselves from bringing in food and drinks that have a strong odour, or eating in the salon.

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