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Colour Correction

Service, Appointment time & Price on Consultation.
Carried out by our Senior Stylists

A Colour Correction service is usually needed if you are going two or more shades lighter or darker than what you are currently, or if you already have a darker tint on your hair and would like a colour which is lighter or has a very different tone, (red to ash for example). Sometimes a colour correction is needed before we can carry out other colouring services where we need to pre-lighten (also known as 'stripping') or pre-pigment (or pre-filling) before we can apply the final colour.

The condition of your hair & your expectations are our greatest priority & that is why we will not book any Colour Correction service without carrying out a through consultation and a few tests first.

The main reason for this, is everybody's hair & colouring history is different, your service may only involve removing a little unwanted tone or lifting 3-5 levels from a black home dye!

The service could take anywhere between a couple of hours to a full day depending what is currently on your hair & what you want to achieve, and the service could cost anything between £45.00 and £95.00 depending on the service we will need to do to get you what you want. The service may involve a routine of aftercare & follow up appointments or not be achievable at all, we really cant put a time, price or expected result on it without consulting with you first & knowing what needs to be done.

Your Consultation is FREE and should take between 15-30mins with only our most experienced Senior Stylists. After discussing what is achievable, the time, cost and agreeing on a suitable course of action, there's no obligation to book, so its always worth calling in for a chat.

You can book in for your Free Consultation online just like any other service on our menu, simply follow one of our links to our online booking page & select Consultation from any of our colouring drop down menus.  

We are professional colourists practising a Colour Safe policy. If you answer YES to any questions 1 - 4, we will not be able to carry out your colour service. If you answer YES to any question 5 -9, we MUST carry out a Skin Test at least 48 hours prior to your colouring service. For more information, please read our Blog or our Health & Safety Policy.

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