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Updated 4/11/20
We are temporarily closed from 5th November until (hopefully) 3rd December. Our online booking system has been disabled and we will not be accepting new clients until our regular customers with pre-booked appointments have been rescheduled. 

  • Appointments must be made online or over the phone 
Appointments can no longer be made “in person” at reception as every client who enters the salon must already have a pre-booked appointment so we are able to manage, monitor and maintain social distancing and the amount of people in the salon at any one time. To book an appointment, please call the salon during our opening hours or you can book online 24/7.

  • We must ask a few screening questions before you enter the salon
We are obliged by law to carry out screening questions prior to allowing anyone to enter the salon. You will receive these screening questions as part of your daily appointment reminder text, please ensure you read through these questions and reply with either “YES” or “NO” so we are able to confirm your appointment and allow you to enter the salon.

  • We will assist NHS Test and Trace
Since 18th September 2020, hair salons in England have been required by law to keep a temporary record of clients and visitors for 21 days and assist NHS ‘Test and Trace’ with requests for contact information if needed. Our appointment booking system already accommodates the requirements we need to meet, and we are ready to assist the NHS and our clients whenever needed.

As of 24th September 2020, all salons must also display the official NHS QR poster in the premises for all clients and staff to use with their NHS COVID-19 app. This is in addition to the client details we already collect as part of our appointment booking software and how we already assist NHS Test and Trace. For more information, please see our NHS Test and Trace page >

  • The salon door will remain locked throughout the day
As per the social distancing guidance, the number of people in the salon at one time (as well as traffic throughout the salon) must be monitored and remain limited, predictable and consistent. For this reason, we can no longer allow people to wander into the salon freely, or allow grouping at the reception or salon entrance.

To ensure this measure is followed, the salon door will remain locked throughut the day. Stylists will be ready to greet clients at the door at the time of their appointment and escort clients out of the salon at the end of their service.

  • Pre-booked appointments made before the lockdown have been cancelled.
If you are one of the many clients who had appointments booked months, or years in advance, you'll no doubt have some dates on your appointment reminders for after the salon is open. Unfortunately, those appointments were booked prior to the new COVID-Safe guidance and policies being brought out, therefore are not booked with social distancing or additional disinfection in mind. 

We have been forced to cancel all pre-booked appointments which were arranged for dates after the salon opens to ensure we are meeting the new standards.

  •  We have reopened our client wait list

When we opened in July, we were unable to accept new clients while we ensured our regular, loyal clients had priority for our available appointments. Now that we have completed the majority of colour corrections and restyles, and our clients are gradually getting back to their regular maintenance services, we are delighted to reactivate our client wait list and offer a limited number of appointments to new clients and referrals from 2nd September 2020.

  • We will carry out initial consultations over the phone
When speaking with clients over the phone, we will try to gather as much information as possible to ensure their appointment has the correct service time allocation. This is especially important now that we need to maintain social distancing and be constantly aware of how many clients are in the salon at any one time and how long they will be there.

If you would like a change of colour, a larger correction service, or have applied any kind of home colour or box dye, we may need more information before deciding on a service plan and schedule a full colour consultation. Photos of your hair, or inspiration images can be sent online, but unfortunately incompatibility or strand tests may be needed to determine a range of factors, and this can only be done in-salon.

  • For online bookings, please ensure you provide your correct contact number and are available to call during our salon opening hours.
Our online booking is great for client convenience and allows clients to see when appointments are available and book services in their own time. Unfortunately, our online booking has also created additional problems such as clients booking the wrong services or even some people booking malicious, "fake" appointments. To combat this, we will always contact an online booking on the phone number provided by the client to confirm the appointment and carry out a quick consultation on the phone to ensure the appointment is genuine and they have booked the correct services.

This is especially important now as appointments are very limited and we need to ensure social distancing and correct service time allocation. If a client books the wrong service online, we won't be able to change it on the day, and the last thing we want is someone arriving to their appointment, only to find we haven't got time to do what they want.

As soon as we are notified of an online booking (during our salon opening hours), we will contact the client on the phone number they provide at the time of booking to confirm the appointment and carry out a quick telephone consultation. If we are unable to contact the client within 24 hours of their appointment, we will cancel the booking and offer the appointment to another waiting client. Please ensure you provide the correct contact number at the time of booking and you are available to receive a call during our opening hours.

  • Allergy Alert Tests (Patch Tests) are still needed

All colour clients will need a skin test at least 48 hours prior to a colour application unless they are a regular client, visiting the salon every 6 weeks or less for their regular colour service. 

Unfortunately, skin tests can only be carried out once the salon is open, and to maintain social distancing and client numbers in the salon, they must be booked as an appointment, we can no longer allow clients to "pop in" for skin tests throughout the day. 

We will discuss this with you during your telephone consultation and arrange your patch test as soon as possible before your colour appointment, or your patch test will be carried out during your in-salon colour consultation if needed.

  • We will be running a “Vulnerable Clients” morning on Wednesdays 9.30am-12.30pm
For clients who are especially concerned and more at risk, we will be operating a Vulnerable Clients morning every Wednesday between 9.30am – 12.30pm.

Clients will be able to visit the salon first thing in the morning following our deep clean. Client numbers will be further reduced to allow for a health carer or family member (limited to one) to attend with the client if needed and to ensure there is no contact between clients.

If you fall into the vulnerable and most at risk category, or you need a carer/family member to attend your appointment with you, we will ensure your appointment is arranged during this time.

If you do not fall into the vulnerable and high-risk category, we would kindly ask that you leave this morning available to those that are.

If you feel that you need any additional help or support during your salon visit, please contact Laura at and we will do anything we can to accommodate you.

  • Some services have been temporarily disabled
To ensure the salon is COVID-Safe and complying with the latest industry and government guidance, we have made many changes to the salon and how we work as Stylists. This includes monitoring the amount of people in the salon and the space between them, resulting in fewer appointments available and more time needed for us to carry out cleaning and disinfecting. 

This will mean it may take longer for clients to get an appointment and we have had to make some tough decisions to make sure everyone is treated as fairly as possible

We have taken the decision to temporarily disable small service bookings such as blow dries, children's trims and single services from our Express Service Menu. These services are usually quick, 15 or 30 minute appointments we were able to book in around our larger services. Unfortunately, due to the social distancing and additional cleaning policies, this is no longer possible. 

These small services will now require more time allocation (in most cases, the same time allocation as regular services), making them no longer financially viable at the price point we charge and preventing other clients needing other salon services from booking in. At the moment, while we are working to the COVID-Safe guidelines, it is difficult to arrange an appointment for our regulars every 4-6 weeks, allowing clients to book every 1-3 weeks only makes this harder. 

Out of fairness to our loyal clients, we are doing everything we can to make sure everyone can get back to some normality with their regular maintenance appointments by ensuring there's as many appointments available as possible. We are re-evaluating the services we can offer on a weekly basis, and expect to make a change to this policy soon, please keep updated.

Please keep updated with our appointment booking progress on Facebook > or Instagram >

If you are a regular client and keeping up with our appointment booking progress, and you haven't received a phone call from us when you think you should have, or cancelled an appointment before we closed, please fill in this contact form. We will check your client history and be in touch as soon as we can.

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