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Book an Appointment
 You can book an appointment with us 3 ways:
  • Pop into the salon during our opening hours and speak to a member of the team.
  • Call the Salon Reception during our opening hours on 0191 477 4693
  • You can also book appointments online 24hrs a day, 7 days a week by clicking this link

As wonderful as our online booking system is, it's still not as good as our receptionist! The system can't move appointments around like we do or understands that services can be split between Stylists, and as easy as it is to use, we still have some clients experiencing difficulties getting the service, time or Stylist they want. If you are having troubles booking, or results show there is nothing available, please do try and give us a call and we will take another look and see what we can do - this normally resolves any issues you may have. We will always follow up an online booking with a confirmation call, so please make sure we have your correct contact number when filling in your details. 

In To Change Hair Salon
Unit 3, West Street
Tyne & Wear
(Facing Argos)
(Easy Access from Gateshead Metro and Interchange)

Contact Us
For business correspondence, job applications and more company information email: 
To keep up to date with everything that is going on at ITC and to see our latest offers & promotions 'like' our Facebook page:

PLEASE NOTE: The salon's email address and Facebook page is not used for appointment bookings, cancellations or service quotes. If you would like to book an appointment or speak to a Stylist about the services we offer, prices & times available, please use one of the options above.

We do not have the time to monitor our email or Facebook messages constantly throughout the day while we are working with clients, by the time we have had time to reply to your initial appointment request, asked all the relevant questions and gathered the right information, then waited for your reply and found time to read it, offered you the times and Stylists available, waited for your reply and found more time to read it, chances are even if the appointment you were after was available, it won’t be any more! And of course we cannot provide an accurate service quotation without actually seeing your hair and discussing in full what it is you would like, let alone find the time for all the emails or messages backwards and forwards that would need!

Appointments must be made in ‘real’ time to avoid any confusion or disappointment, any emails or  Facebook messages requesting an appointment or a service quotation will be directed to the appointment booking options above or to our client consultation service, thank you for being so understanding!

Opening Hours

Although the salon is closed overnight and on Sundays & Mondays, you can still book appointments with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online booking page.
10.00am - 4.00pm
10.00am - 8.00pm
9.00am - 3.00pm
10.00am - 8.00pm
9.00am - 5.00pm

Should We Open on Mondays?
As always, we value your feedback and this time, we want to know if our appointments will be more accessible to you if we opened an extra day each week. Let us know what you think in our short survey.

Health & Safety Policy 
Your safety is as important to us as the beauty of your hair.

As professional Stylists and Colourists, we take Health & Safety very seriously. We will not, under any circumstances knowingly put our clients or our own safety, the condition of your hair, or the business at risk. 

Please note that we recommend a skin test 48 hours before each colouring service. Below is an example of the questions we ask during your professional colour consultation:


For more information about the importance of skin testing, the truth behind some of the myths and why we must abide by the law, please read our Blog Why We Have Really Toughened Up Our Skin Test Policy, What We Need To Do and Answering Some of The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

If You Are New To Online Booking Please Read!

As wonderful as online booking is, it isn't without its problems. It works best when you know which services you want and the order they need to be booked, this way, the system automatically knows what times are available and how to book things in, ensuring things like the development of colours are considered. 

However we know this isn't always the case and we've had a few issues where customers have booked their cutting service first and their colouring service second (which doesn't allow any time later when they would need to be styled) or no cutting and styling service has been booked at all resulting in some clients being able to book colours in far too late in the day (a 30min root retouch at 4.30pm for example, which may only take us 30 minutes to apply, but then needs to develop for up to 45 minutes, rinsed then dried which would take another 15-35 minutes isn't really an availability when we close at 5pm). 

Another issue we have had in the past is customers who seemingly need their roots done and book in for a root retouch. The system automatically books a 30 minute service in with a graduate stylist and confirms the service to the customer. On the day of their appointment, the customer arrives to find that their service can't be carried out because although they need their roots done, it's actually a full head of highlights they have which is a completely different service, takes an hour to carry out not 30 minutes, and needs to be booked in with a senior stylist not a graduate. 

Additional to these issues is the ability to book a colouring service online, without receiving a skin test, which must be performed 48 hours before any chemical service (see our Health & Safety Policy below).

We do try and be as detailed as possible on our service menu when describing our services and informing everyone of our skin test policy, but these mistakes do happen, and the online booking system can't ask the questions we do at reception.
For these reasons, we will always give you a call as soon as we receive your booking on the contact number you provide to ensure everything is correct and you'll be happy with the service booked, and although it's only happened a few times, the ease of booking online has prompted some people to book appointments that they never intend to show up for, this of course has a very negative impact on the business.

Calling to confirm appointments does tend to resolve any potential issues. If we have called to confirm your online booking and not been able to get in touch, we will first leave a voicemail or text message asking you to get in touch with us. If we are still unable to confirm your appointment, we will send a text message, again, asking you to get in touch. If we still have not heard from you and have not confirmed your online booking within 24 hours of your appointment, we will delete your booking and offer the appointment to another waiting customer. Please ensure you are providing the correct contact number at the time of booking.

Putting aside any issues that may occur when inputting information, naturally, the system isn't as smart as our receptionist. We have had issues where customers who know exactly what services they want can't get booked in because the system says there's no availability. But the system doesn't consider individual customers and more importantly it can't split services between stylists. For example, one stylist may not have enough availability to carry out parting foils with a full head colour, but the system can't see that one stylist could place the foils while their assistant applies the colour, and unless a customer specifically requests two different stylists for a colour and cut, it won't split the services.
For this reason, if you try and book online, and "computer says no", please do give us a call and we'll take a look for you. Most of the time there's always something we can do that the online booking system can't.

Appointment Policy
  • Appointments are not always needed but highly recommended if you require a certain day, time or stylist. If you arrive at the salon without a pre-arranged appointment and one of our Stylists have an available appointment there and then, we will of course offer you the appointment straight away. If however, all our Stylist's are busy with pre-arranged customers, we will advise you when the next available appointment will be.
  • Please bear in mind our Stylists can get very busy, especially our Senior Stylists who may have a wait of between 1-2 weeks for cutting services and 4-6 weeks for larger colouring services. We will do everything we can to ensure we can arrange your appointment at the closest opportunity, and if we are unable to do so, we run a wait list which we can add you to and contact you as soon as there is an availability.
  • There is no charge to be added to our waitlist. If there is no available appointments for when you would like one, we will offer to add you to our waitlist for the services you have requested, even if you already have an appointment booked for a later date. As soon as an availability arises, our receptionist will contact our customers on the waitlist on a first come-first serve basis and it is up to you if you would like to book the appointment.
  • As mentioned, our Senior Stylists get very busy. So that we are able to offer more appointments and flexibility to our customers, our Senior Stylists and sometimes our Salon Stylists will work with their own Assistant who will carry out their Stylists basic hairdressing services such as Root Retouches and Blow Dries under their Stylists instruction. We also work with a 'Smart Business' column, again to ensure we can offer appointments and flexibility to our customers and ensure all team members are working to the best of their abilities. Once a team member has been assessed and proven to carry out a service at the salons standards, they will then be able to offer that service to customers. Our Assistants carry out all basic services, our Graduate Stylists intermediate, and our Senior Stylists carry out advanced services such as colour correction and fashion cutting/colouring.
  • Please arrive on time to ensure you receive your full service. If you are running late, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. If you are more then 15 mins late, please keep in mind that we may have to reschedule your appointment and your appointment will be given to waiting customers.
Last minute cancellations cost the salon thousands of pounds per year. this has an incredibly negative effect on the business, our Stylists and the customers who can't get the appointment they want due to us being 'fully booked'. Last minute service changes or 'downgrading' services from larger, more time consuming services to smaller, quicker services also cause many problems to our appointment schedule and our customers experience while in the salon. For example, a client who is booked in for a Full Head Highlights service & a Cut & Style service is booked out with our Stylists for over 2 hours. If that client decides on the day she doesn't want her Highlights anymore, that is an hour the Stylist has lost that cannot be refilled. Also, if a client is booked in for one service, then decides on the day they want another, we may not have the correct time available and will need to rearrange, resulting in more lost appointment time.

In 2016, the salon lost on average £1'500 per quarter to lost appointments due to clients who cancelled without enough notice for us to offer the appointment to anyone else, didn't show up at all without a phone call, arrived so late we no longer had the time available to carry out their services or changed their mind on the day of the appointment and wanted a different service than what they had booked and either had to rearrange or 'downgraded' to services which take less time. 

We understand that things can crop up, emergencies happen, people get called into work and public transport isn't exactly reliable these days, but maybe not to the extent of £1'500 per quarter.

Should a cancellation or date change be necessary, we request a minimum of 24 hours notice, please keep in mind we operate a three strike system for all our clients, if you cancel at short notice (including cancelling or 'downgrading' from a larger service on the day of the appointment) or don't show for your appointment three or more times, you will no longer be able to make an appointment with us without leaving a non refundable deposit.

The amount of deposit needed to secure an appointment with us in this instance will vary depending on the amount of time needed to be booked out with our Stylists:
  • Blow Dry's & any Cutting & Styling Services = £10
  • Colouring &/or Highlighting Services = £20
  • Colour Correction or 'double process' Colouring &/or Highlighting Services = £30

Deposits are taken to secure a specific day, time and service and providing a client arrives for that specific appointment, and receives the service they have booked in for, will be used against their final service cost. However, if a client cancels, no-shows, arrives too late or makes any last minute changes to their appointment at short notice which will cause disruption and a negative effect on the business and our other waiting clients, the deposit in non-refundable.

If after securing an appointment with a deposit, a client continues to cancel without enough notice or no-show etc., full payment of the services booked will need to be taken in full before any appointments can be booked. As before, the full service amount is only to be used against the specific service on the day and the time of the appointment the payment has secured, cancellations/changes or no-shows etc. will render the full service cost non-refundable.

Age Policy
A parent or guardian must consent in person for customers who are under the age of 16 and must remain in the salon with their child for the duration of the service.

We operate a 'colour safe' policy and abide by all national and local bylaws, legislation and our manufacturers instructions; and therefore will not carry out any chemical services (including colouring &/or highlighting services) on children under the age of 16, regardless of parent consent.

Please consider other customers and the team when bringing young children, pushchairs and prams into the salon. Most customers arrive at the salon to relax and enjoy their treatments - loud and disruptive children can be very unpleasant for our customers and dangerous for themselves and others while chemicals and sharps are in easy reach. Please do not leave children unattended or allow children to damage or tamper with other customers belongings or salon stock, tools, equipment or furnishings.

Comments or Complaints
If you are unsure or dissatisfied with any part of your service, please inform your stylist immediately. Your hair is our priority and we are always happy to help with your queries.

Please bear in mind that we have had incidents in the past where a client has deliberately complained about a service we have carried out in an attempt to receive their services free of charge as well as other malicious actions attempting to get free or discounted services.

We will always consult with every customer about their service and what they expect the finished result will be, our philosophy is to be as honest as possible with what is achievable and whether the chosen style/colour will suit the individual. However, we do understand that clients can change their mind about what they want after making a decision on a service and we will do everything we can to ensure you are happy with your hair, with hair condition as a priority.  

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