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Position:Assistant Stylist (NVQ Level 2 Apprentice)
Salary: £3.80 per hour (starting salary) + Commission + Incentives
Hours: 30 - 37.5 hours per week, Tuesday-Saturday during our opening hours
How To Apply: Please read on to see if you really do have what it takes to be our new apprentice and if you think we are also the right fit for you, complete the application form below and one of us will be back in touch!

And the Important bits...

Job Title: Assistant Stylist (NVQ Level 2 Apprentice)

Is This Position For Me?
Our Assistant Stylist position is ideal if you are a school leaver or aged 16-17 looking to progress onto a NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing, have a genuine passion for the hairdressing industry and would like to begin your career as a Stylist.

What Days and Hours Will I Be Working?
You are guaranteed at least 30 hours per week, however our full intention is to provide full time hours, 37.5 hours per week, which will be far more regular and in time, permanent once you have finished your induction and basic training. Your working hours will fall within the salon opening hours which are: 

Tuesday 10am-4pm
Wednesday 10am-8pm
Thursday 9am-3pm
Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 9am-5pm

How Much Will I Get Paid?
Our current starting salary for an Assistant is £3.80 per hour (£142.50 per 37.5 hour week) plus various incentives and, when earned, commission at 10%. We offer a very competitive salary for our Assistants and your salary will be reviewed every 6 months to reflect your skill level and your progress on the salon floor. Our Assistant salary rates currently range from £3.80p/h to £5.10p/h depending on performance, so providing you are on track with your NVQ and carrying out more services on clients, your salary will be increased to reflect your hard work and career progression, once carrying out services, you will also be entitled to earn commission on the services you carry out.

Who am I Responsible to?
Your main point of call and who you will be responsible to is the salon Manager who will look after the bulk of your salon induction and training programme, however we do work as a team and our Graduate Stylists, Salon Stylists and Senior Stylists will all play a big part in your training and development.

What Kind Of Work Will I Be Doing?
To do this job well and get the most from your career, you need to really love making people feel amazing and knowing you’re part of a team that always has your back.

Being an Assistant or a Stylist is not a glamorous or easy job and as much as your jobs to start out with are small, tedious and unglamorous, and yes you may feel like a glorified cleaner and skivvy, sick of the sound of your own name being called; Assistants really are the oil in our salons cogs!

You are what makes the salon run smoothly and help our Stylists do a fantastic job creating beautiful locks. All of your small, seemingly unimportant jobs make such a huge difference to our customers experience in our salon, and because of this, it is essential you always maintain the highest of standards in your conduct, attitude and appearance, and when you are the Stylist with your own Assistant, it will all have paid off, after all, every Stylist you see (even the posh celebrity ones!) all started right where you are now.

To give you an idea, this is what your main responsibilities will be:
  • You will greet customers when they arrive, taking their coats and offering refreshments, magazines and menus, looking after them during their service making sure they have everything they need and are treated like royalty!
  • Preparing customers for their service by seating and gowning clients following the salons P.P.E. procedures.
  • Shampooing, conditioning massaging and applying treatments to clients hair using the salons professional products while explaining why and how you’re using them.
  • Provide customers with information about the services and products we offer in the salon and the prices and service time of each.
  • Manage the salon laundry (we go through a lot of towels and gowns!) and the correct storage of professional stock.
  • All the salon housekeeping which will include a lot of sweeping, scrubbing and polishing, ensuring the salon is always kept clean and tidy at all times following the salons standards.
  • You must always comply with all legislation, policies, procedures and practices, and always adhere and support the company vision, mission and philosophy statements as detailed in our staff handbook.
  • Using our salon software system, you will carry out a range of reception duties including checking in and checking out clients, taking payments, dealing with enquiries when you can, updating client details and service records and booking appointments both face to face and over the phone.
  • As part of the main responsibility of an Assistant, and to allow the salon to run smoothly, you must be aware and anticipate the needs of the our clients and your fellow team members while assisting the stylists with the effective running of their column.
  • Assist your team with all Hairdressing services including Blow Drying, Straightening, Basic Colouring, Rinsing and Emulsifying Colours and assisting with Hair-Up.
  • Participate in external and internal college training which will be provided by a training provider (decided on during the recruitment process) which will include organised assessments and reviews with your tutor.
  • Attend and engage with in-salon training sessions and assessments, providing models and using your down time and spare time to continue with your studies and training.
  • Attend external training sessions as organised by your manager.
  • As your training progresses and you pass assessments, begin to offer services of your own in salon and taking over from the stylists.

What Happens After I’ve Finished My NVQ?
After successfully completing your NVQ Level 2, and providing you are genuinely up to standard, we will continue to offer you an apprenticeship to begin your NVQ Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Hairdressing.(We require all of our Stylists to hold a NVQ Level 3) Unlike most salons, we genuinely employ assistants to have a career at ITC in the full expectation that you will become a stylist on our salon floor, and providing you have completed 2 years of training, successfully passed your NVQ Level 2 and have reached the salons standard, you will be promoted to Graduate Stylist while studying towards your NVQ Level 3. After a further 2-3 years of advanced training, you will then be eligible for a Salon Stylist position where you can choose to specialise in your chosen area.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you are looking for, read on to find out the things we need from you...

What Qualifications Do I Need?
No previous Hairdressing qualifications are needed as this is an intermediate course and full training, well above and beyond the standard college structure will be given on the job. GCSE’s at grade C and above are definitely preferred, especially in Maths and English as good numeracy, reading, writing and communication skills are essential, and a basic understanding of Science would give you an advantage in all areas of Hairdressing. If you do not have English and Maths GCSE’s at grade C or above, you will be expected to complete Functional skills while at College to get you up to the qualifications standards.

What Work Experience Do I Need?
No previous hairdressing experience is needed as you will learn everything you need to know about working in a busy hair salon during your training, however; previous experience such as a Saturday job or school work experience in a hair salon would be an advantage during the interviewing process, but it is certainly not essential.

...And this is the candidate we are looking for...

Some Really Important Traits To Have:
  • Its really, really important that you can always keep a smile on your face, always be friendly, professional and really enjoy looking after our lovely customers! Being shy isn’t an option, you must be able to chat away and communicate effectively with all customers no matter their age, sex or background, and naturally you must be comfortable being physically close to people.

  • You need to be hard working and keen to help out your team when they need it, and disciplined enough to keep working hard even when your legs feel like they’re about to drop off! And definitely not be scared of strangers, answering the phone or using computers!

  • It is absolutely essential that you have a genuine passion for the hairdressing industry and the enthusiasm and drive to pursue and commit to a full career as a Stylist at ITC. This is not just a ‘job’; it is a career, and you need to love Hairdressing to make it in this industry and continue working at our salon.

  • You must have an excellent work ethic, positive and assertive attitude and not afraid of hard work and long hours.

  • You need to be honest, trustworthy and reliable; perfect punctuality and timekeeping, excellent attendance and keenness to excel is a must.

  • You will always have a professional, polite and friendly manner at all times when dealing with fellow team members and customers of all ages and backgrounds.

  • You must be organised, prepared and able to prioritise, having the correct tools and equipment is an essential part of moving through your training and you must be able to provide models for your training sessions and college assessments.

  • It is essential that you can have a close working relationship with everyone on the team, so an excellent team working attitude is essential.

  • You need to be self motivated with a high intuitive to work towards your own goals and responsibilities and able to work confidently on your own.

  • As you will be working alongside a team of stylists, and with our awesome clients, it is essential that you have excellent communication skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Shyness or the inability to talk to people will not be tolerated.

And Some Really Important Things To Remember...

  • As long as you work with us, you are representing ITC, so its really important you look the part! You must be well presented and take pride in your appearance. Your outfit must always be clean and appropriate – We do not provide or insist on any ‘uniform’ at ITC, but instead encourage all team members to express their personality through their outfit, being included in the fashion and beauty industry; us Stylists should always look trendy and approachable, (Just remember; you will be working long hours on your feet so sensible shoes are a must, and you need to be professional, no looking like you’re about to go clubbing or lounge about on the couch all day!) and don’t forget to dress to impress!

  • Your Hair must always be clean and modernly styled – you’re representing the salon AND the industry after all! Personal hygiene is really important when working so close to customers and the rest of the team, so never forget to shower and wear deodorant, and it’s always good practice to keep a bottle of perfume in your bag!

  • Your hours of work, how many breaks you get and the salon opening hours are made very clear to you from day one. Lateness, repeated absence and skiving in the staffroom on your mobile phone will shorten your career with us considerably!

  • Be loyal to the salon, management and your team. We treat all our staff with dignity and respect, we will help and support you through your training and career and you can rest assured the whole team will have your back, we expect the same in return.

  • Customer service and Client satisfaction is massively important to us and what we base our values on. Anyone working with the public will tell you some horror stories, but whatever happens, and no matter how bad your day is going; every one of our clients must be treated like royalty!

  • The way you act outside of work is important too, especially if you bump into our customers. Everyone likes to have a good time and let loose now and then, but its never nice to find out how much you’ve misbehaved at the weekend from one of our clients; don’t do anything to make us ashamed.

What's Next?
If you've read all of that, and still think you have what it takes to be our next Apprentice, scroll down and complete our application form. We read each and every submitted form and it is this that forms the basis of your telephone and face-to-face interview, if we like what we see and can tell you have made an effort, we will send you an email to arrange your telephone interview, so please use this opportunity to let us find out about you!

Following the initial telephone interview, successful candidates will be notified by email and invited into the salon for a days work trial and face-to-face interview. Due to the high number of applicants we receive, we will sometimes require additional interviews, trial days and/or group trial days in salon.

Successful applicants will be subjected to a three months’ probation period which includes a 6 week induction, upon successful completion of this period applicants will be offered a fixed term apprenticeship agreement.

Application Form
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Email Address
About You
Use this space to introduce yourself, let us know a little about you.
Please tell us a little about what you enjoy doing, hobbies, activities, volenteering work you have done and achievements you are proud of.
Your Education, Qualifications and Experience
Please tell us which school(s) you have attended, dates you where there, subjects you studied and the qualifications you have gained along with grades (or expected grades if you have not recieved them yet), and any other certificates, courses or training you have gained.
Please give us details of any previous work experience, including Saturday jobs, placements, volenteering work or school "work experience" you have done.
Why Hairdressing?
Use this space to tell us why you have chosen a career in Hairdressing, who or what has been your inspiration?
What interests you the most about Hairdressing and what do you look forward to doing in the salon?
Where would you like your career to take you? What are your long term goals?
Why ITC?
Use this space to really sell yourself and let us know why you would make an excellent addition to our team?
Be honest, how long (including your training) would you like to work at ITC and why?
If you are interested in another position we do not currently have available, please send or drop in your C.V. and a covering letter FAO Laura to:
In To Change Hair Salon
3, West Street
Tyne and Wear
or email to
(Please don't forget to include your covering letter letting us know which position you are interested in)

Or complete our Contact Form

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