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New BOND Ultim8
Discover a revolutionary hair protective system to preserve bonds in the hair

What is BOND Ultim8?
Bond Ultim8 is a complete bond protecting system that is used both during and following a professional hair colour or lightening service to protect and preserve bonds. It can also be used as a stand alone treatment by adding distilled water to Step 1.

BOND Ultim8 Benefits
What is a Bond?
Bonds are key to keeping hair looking healthy and strong, they sit on a keratin chain within the cortex of the hair and maintain the hair structure.

Bond Ultim8 is the perfect solution that allows you to preserve and protect bonds during a professional Matrix colour service, pre-lightening service, or as a stand-alone treatment.

3 Steps For Ultim8 Protection

STEP 1 AMPLIFIER - Dosed through a professional syringe, and added into any of our Matrix colour or lightener for bond protection.
Mixed into your usual professional colour or lightener with careful formulation, applied and developed as usual with no additional processing time or affecting your colour results, rinced while removing your colour at the backwash.

STEP 2 SEALER - Deep conditioning treatment applied at the backwash that helps seal in the benefits of Step1 and adds further protection.
Applied at the backwash onto towel dried hair following the removal of your colour and Step 1, processed for 10 minutes before carrying on with your personalised cleansing & conditioning service.

STEP 3 WEEKLY SEALING TREATMENT - Perfects fibres and provides additional nourishment at-home following the in-salon service.
To be used at home once a week; before shampooing, apply onto wet, towel dried hair, massage into hair from roots to ends, leave on for at least 10 minutes, rince and follow with your recommended Matrix shampoo & conditioner as prescribed by your Stylist dependent on your hair type.

The Menu
In-Salon Services (Step 1 & Step 2)

Be more than blonde, dare to be shinier and stronger than before by protecting your hair bonds from breakage that can occur during any lightening technique.
Perfect for single-process lightening services such as highlights and baleage

Get vibrant, beautiful colour, no matter if your natural colour is dark, protecting your hair bonds from breakage that can occur during these services.
A must for double process colours such as bleach + tone or colour corrections.

Be more than brunette. We can build your hair bonds and fill in the porosity of your hair creating an even palette for lustrous, longer lasting colour, you get healthier looking, refined, envy-worthy hair.
Amazing results on all single process colours such as root retouches and full head colours.

ULTIM8 FIX - £15
A rejuvenating hair bond treatment which repairs the hair fibres to reveal stronger hair for an overall healthier look and feel.
A gorgeous stand-alone in-salon treatment which can be added to any cutting & styling service or used as a strength building preperation routine before a big colour change.

The strength and shine, tint free gloss that will protect your hair bonds and keep them from being dull and damaged, for ultra shiny, ultra strong hair with vibrant and reflective colour.
The perfect addition to our gloss and toning service, available with or without a touch of colour

At Home Maintainance (Step 3)

Extend your protection even outside the salon, use weekly to protect your hair fibres and provide additional nourishment at-home following your in-salon service.
Use weekly alongside your prescribed Matrix cleansing & conditioning treatments for total bond protection.

Q&A For All You Need to Know

Is Bond Ultim8 just another conditioning treatment? 
No, a conditioning treatment works independently of a haircolour/lightening service in that it is topical, typically follows the professional service and is sometimes used at home for further care. Bond Ultim8 is a complete bond protecting system that is used both during and following the professional hair colour/lightening service. Bond Ultim8 has a specific take home system that is recommended to be used at home for further bond protecting care. 

Can you use Step 1 Amplifier or Step 2 Sealer without using the other?  
No, the BondUltim8 in-salon service has been formulated and designed to work as a two-step process, you wouldn't get the desired results out of it as it is recommended to use the full routine in order to have optimal performance benefits.

How many products is Bond Ultim8 made up of? 
There are 2 in-salon products, and 1 take-home product: 
In-salon: Step 1 Amplifier & Step 2 Sealer 
Take-home: Step 3 Weekly Sealing Treatment

Can BOND Ultim8 be used in my regular colour/lightener?
Yes, it is compatible with all of our MATRIX permanent and tone on tone colour products and our MATRIX lighteners and ColorGraphics.

Do you need to adjust your colour/lightener formula or increase the processing time when using BOND Ultim8?
No, unlike most other Bond protecting and restoring systems such as Olaplex, the strength of peroxide does not need to be increased or your colour left on any longer, we do not need to make any adjustments to our formula/developer or processing time.

Will my colour look different?
Other than the benefits mentioned above, no, your colour will be as beautiful as ever.

Can I still have my usual colour service or can it only be used with certain techniques?
Yes, BOND Ultim8 can be used with all our colours during any technical service, including both on and off scalp applications and all freehand techniques.

Do I need to use BOND Ultim8 consistently or is it a one-time treatment?
BOND Ultim8 is recommended for use during any hair colour and/or lightening service where hair strength and breakage are a concern. 

Since the benefits of the system include strengthening and preserving the hair fibres, continued use will increase benefits related to these areas of concern, including colours lasting longer and less breakage over time. 

This is especially noticeable if you suffer from damaged, fragile hair or struggle to keep a colour from fading, following our advice and with continued use, you should find hair that would usually break before it reached a certain length will now grow healthier and longer and colours will look better for longer.

Will I notice a difference straight away or will I have to use it a few times before I see and feel the benefit?
You will likely see the difference from your first treatment, both in the way your hair looks and feels, your colours can last longer and your hair will be more manageable. 

These benefits will only become more noticeable the longer you incorporate BOND Ultim8 into your hair care routine, this is especially true for guests who are trying to grow their hair, change their colour or experience fragile hair which is prone to breakage.

What will happen if I start using BOND Ultim8 then stop?
Nothing that wouldn't normally happen during your usual colouring and styling routine! Although you would no longer receive the protection or benefits of the BOND Ultim8 system.

Do I really need to use Step 3 Weekly Sealing Treatment at home?
Protecting opened chemical bonds is only half of the battle. Once those bonds are restored, wouldn’t you want to make sure they stay that way?

The BOND Ultim8 system has been specifically developed to work as a 3-step system. Although Step 3 Weekly Sealing Treatment is not absolutely essential; the in-salon Step 1 and Step 2 will provide optimal performance during your salon services, it is highly recommended to continue to use Step 3 between hair colour/lightening services to receive the full benefit of the system and ensure the chemical bonds remain restored when sealed. 

Step 3 helps to seal those restored bonds, keeping them strong & preventing future breakage that would usually occur during your home styling between in-salon treatments, thus extending the benefits from your in-salon investment. You only need to use it once a week alongside your usual prescribed hair care.

Can I use Step 3 Weekly Sealing Treatment even if I don't have the in-salon treatments?
It certainly wouldn't do your hair any harm or cause any adverse effects, but you wouldn't receive the main benefit of the product. 

Step 3 is designed to work along side and prolong the benefits of Step 1 and 2 by helping to ensure the chemical bonds remain sealed after they have been restored in-salon. Using Step 3 alone would not provide you with the same benefits or results the system is designed to achieve. 

How do I use the Weekly Sealing Treatment?
Use once a week in-between your salon appointments. 

When you jump in the shower or bath, wet your hair then towel dry to remove the excess water. 

Apply step 3 from roots to ends and comb through once with a wide tooth comb or tangle teezer and massage in, be sure to cover everywhere. 

Leave on for at least 10 minutes. 

Rinse and follow with your usual prescribed MATRIX shampoo and conditioner/mask/treatment as recommended by your Stylist dependant on your hair type and style.

Are there any limitations on what shampoos/ conditioners can be mixed with BOND Ultim8?
Our MATRIX home care products are specifically developed with our back bar Step 1 Amplifier and Step 2 Sealer to have optimal performance at home. We recommend continuing to use Step 3 Weekly Sealing Treatment between hair colour/lightening appointments alongside your usual prescribed MATRIX home care as advised by your Stylist dependent on your hair type and desired style. 

Although using different branded products or shop-bought shampoo & conditioner may not cause any adverse effects, just like usual, if you are not using the right products for your hair or using cheaper supermarket brands with high silicone and/or sulphate content, this alone can cause additional problems for your hair and/or reduce the effectiveness of various salon services. For more information and for an in-depth hair care consultation, please speak to your Stylist.

Can Bond Ultim8 be used on hair extensions? 
Yes, as along as the hair extension is real hair (not synthetic)

How To Book Your BOND Ultim8 Service

All our Bond Ultim8 services are available to book online (we have added them to both our Colour and Treatment Menu) and in salon now just like any other in-salon service, Step 3 Weekly Sealing Treatment can be purchased at reception, we are in the process of updating our entire service menu to reflect the cost of any add-on service so that guests have a better idea of what their final service cost will be.

If you forget to book your BOND Ultim8 service online or at the time of booking, or you simply want to add the service onto your next pre-booked appointment, the only additional time needed is 10 minutes at the backwash, if in doubt or you're booked in at a very busy time such as over the Christmas period or when a member of the team is on holiday, please give us a call on 0191 477 4693 and we will advise if any adjustments need to be made.

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